Monday, February 18, 2008

Grody to the Max

I'm not a vegetarian, but I find the USDA, the FDA, the industrial processing of food-destined animals, and the quality of life of those animals to be questionable and embarrassing unethical at the very least. A simple suggestion for beef growers: don't feed cows to cows - its an abomination. If you want to calfs to grow up big and strong, invest in good nutrition, which obviously doesn't include force feeding cow blood to said calfs... then no more mad cow disease. A simple suggestion for beef processors: when dressing out a cow, don't put meat that you want to sell in the cows poo - then no more E-coli. Strange how something so common sensical is such a novel idea.

I ate a Jack in the Box not long ago and within hours was uncontrollable projectile vomiting... could it have been linked to this recall? Don't know, but if the tainted bulk product is part of a sale dating back to Feb 2006, how many people have been affected? It must unfathomable. So, when all of our food stuffs are genetically modified, inorganically grown, processed or otherwise controlled by agencies that have seemingly bent over and grabbed their ankles for the lobbists of corporate entities that only focus on their bottom line, what happens? Thank you republicans... this kind of crap was never a problem before Reagan deconstructed and deregulated.

Capitalism is bad.

I gott go.


Anonymous said...

haha an abomination, yeah and pudge controls the weather.

Harold said...

Yeah it IS an abomination...

I am somewhat shocked that "anonymous" here hopped up so quickly to defend the "poor" beef industry. Does a buzzer go off at the RNC headquarters very time someone begins to actually think about something or draw conclusions other than the ones we are handed?

Oh, yeah about the weather. There is reason enough to worry about that at the moment, and it’s going to get worse – even in “red states.”

Tempest – I hope you’re well.