Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Phone is On Its Last Legs

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to go out with friends and see 1100 Springs at the Granada, my dear kitty, Zee, threw up on my phone... effectively killing the phone. I can still text and see that there is a voicemail, but if I try to make a call or listen to voicemail, I can only hear on speakerphone- if I'm lucky. I am very much not in the mood to take care of it this weekend. I wanted to buy myself the Google phone for an early Christmas gift when it comes out. Now I have to scramble to get something new... any suggestions are welcome. (I'm a T-Mobile girl and under contract, so no iphone.)
My horoscope yesterday:
Taurus Friday, October 10

You will be getting a lot of truly unusual phone calls, emails, faxes or letters today. Don't be surprised if people confess all sorts of strange things. You may find that there are changes in how you communicate with a family member or loved one. Someone may finally buy themselves a new cell phone.

Lucky Numbers: 15, 20, 28, 31, 39, 45
Compatible Sign: Virgo

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